Friday, July 26, 2013

Water Grand Trine

'I look backwards because that's how I know who I am' - Jeff Jawer, astrologer

While anoraks of the Underground wet themselves over International Zine Month, July has been a challenging time for Yours Truly and, I guess, countless other sensitive, crabby Cancerians. If you were born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, you may have been feeling dazed and confused thanks to the emotional tsunami that is the Water Grand Trine. Fortunately, Mercury went direct on 20 July, supplying me with the rational head space to write about the scariest (and cheesiest) of topics - feelings. Yikes!

The Grand Trine is an aspect involving three planets of the same element (in this instance, the element of Water). Since Jupiter's ingress into the constellation of Cancer on 25 June, and Saturn's direct motion in Scorpio from 7 July, these planetary heavyweights moved forward to form the trine with Neptune in Pisces, the effects of which peaked around mid-month. Collectively, the Grand Trine is the purest expression of an element. A Water Grand Trine asks that we drop our defences and admit our vulnerability. It's an aspect that possesses the most in-depth creative potential. Reactions to life events are usually at a personal or subconscious level, making all this touchy-feely business spiritually and psychologically draining at times. Musician, Kurt Cobain, was born with a Water Grand Trine, the talents of which he used both productively and destructively within the too-short time frame of his life.

The Water element is connected to the Occult - the hidden aspects of our life experience. With Jupiter in Cancer, divine homesickness and our need to feel safe expand. Cancer symbolises our past and family roots. Mercury in Cancer (especially the retrograde motion) compels us to look back because that's where our identity germinated. Acknowledging the power that our personal history sometimes has over us is a strong theme, because without the past, we are blank slates.

I recently had a conversation with my Cancerian father who was perplexed by constant thoughts of his childhood in suburban, post-war Sydney. He lamented the loss of traditional values which are now unidentifiable and irrelevant to modern Australians: community spirit, altruism, decorum, a pioneering hardiness ... this pining for the 'good old days' is a classic Cancer premise which plays out beautifully under the current transits.

Traditionally, trines are seen as effortless to express and easy to work with, however, a trine in water signs involving Jupiter indicates 'flooding', both metaphorically and literally, because of the planet's excessive nature. Water is an active element but only in response to its environment. Saturn in Scorpio demands that we put a container around unharnessed feelings and work with them rather than have them overwhelm us in a powerless and passive way. It's an ideal time to examine where our fears and doubts lie and how they sabotage our plans for a fulfilling life. Saturn is character building. It brings us the humility to accept the restraints of our experience. We can reject the commercial seductions of our culture - no one 'has it all'; we all own a God Shaped Hole yearning to be filled with the things you can't buy on eBay: meaning and purpose.

I guess part of the emotional upheaval is that the Water Grand Trine struggles to function effectively amid the dynamic, revolutionary, and sometimes dangerous energy of the Uranus square Pluto transit. The challenge for us water babies is learning how to move between comfort and change without being besieged. Longing for a safe and often idealised past is my coping mechanism of choice.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Astro Shite for July 2013

A little effort goes a long way, thanks to Mars and Jupiter supporting your plans between 19 and 24 July. Risky choices pay off as you turn tests into opportunities. Last month’s domestic theme continues with large-scale developments of the Lend Lease kind. This will be your most dynamic period this year. Don’t bother leaving the house – all the action you need will be found under your roof. Mercury and the Sun join forces in your fifth house from 23 July, triggering productive zine-making activity. I feel a Golden Stapler Award coming on …
Aries with Lead Singer Disease: Steve Tyler (Aerosmith)

Saturn goes direct in your relationship zone on 7 July. Grow up and take the time to understand and develop your significant relationships. This month’s potent transits involving the personal planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars will begin a cycle that will carry you into October. You begin to value the aesthetics of your abode, and if the energy is unbalanced, the Universe will bless you with skills to create a harmonious and stable domestic atmosphere. This is an ideal transit for earning income from home (bedroom zine distro anyone?).
Taurus with Lead Singer Disease: Bono (U2)

Neptune arouses your desire to be of service through your work between 14 and 20 July. To the detriment of economic liberalism, you take from the greedy and give to the needy like a modern day Ben Hall with computer hacking skills. The Mars-Jupiter combo from 13 July is your most active money period this year. You’ll be a financial force to be reckoned with after reading Kochie's Creating and Building Real Wealth Like An Annoying Morning Show Presenter.
Gemini with Lead Singer Disease: Prince (Prince)

The New Moon in your sign on 8 July is emphasised by the transits of Jupiter and Mercury. ‘Self-love’ and ‘self-care’ are strong themes this month. Mars enters Cancer on 14 July, bringing a six-week boost of energy and confidence to any zine project you undertake. Build it and they will come. The Sun’s transit transforms you into a dynamo and you are mistaken for laundry detergent.
Cancer with Lead Singer Disease: Courtney Love (Hole)

The Full Moon in your relationship house on 23 July illuminates the grand trine between Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter. Romantic possibilities present themselves on a cheese platter. This transit has a masculine tone that propels you to scratch your balls and blast the arse trumpet occasionally. Mars joins Jupiter in your spiritual zone from 13 July. This cycle is about release, so wherever you may be, let your air go free.
Leo with Lead Singer Disease: James Hetfield (Metallica)

Venus enters you sign on 23 July. Express love for your better half by making mental notes of their likes (Tee Vee chocolate biscuits) and dislikes (Italian-style artichokes). You’ll be wired to communicate your feelings openly and honestly under this transit. Mars demands that you take charge and organise a zine collective at the dark end of the local public library. The Sun and Mars follow each other through your spirituality sector from 22 July. Allow empty space to fill that over-stimulated mind of yours and pause …
Virgo with Lead Singer Disease: Liam Gallagher (Oasis, Beady Eye)

This month, think less and do more. The rare meeting of Mars and Jupiter in your tenth house stresses that you act on life direction. This is an ideal cycle for launching professional projects. Try new strategies in the office, like hovering around the photocopier with a peacock feather up your arse. Work-related study and travel are possible after impressing senior management with your shimmering plumage.
Libra with Lead Singer Disease: David Lee Roth (Van Halen)

Saturn goes direct in your sign on 7 July. You are free to move forward in your quest for intimacy and control, only now you possess insight into the subliminal impulses that drive you. The Sun shines in your tenth house from 22 July. Recognise your need for authority without acting like a complete bastard. It can be done. Your financial situation should stabilise around 13 July. Set healthy money limits by sleeping throughout July. Mars and Jupiter provide that once-in-a-lifetime experience mid-month. Wake up and live the dream.
Scorpio with Lead Singer Disease: Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The grand trine involving your ruler (Jupiter) signals spiritual evolution, especially between 13 and 20 July. Develop intuitive skills. Follow your instincts. Chant a lot. You’ll be able to harmonise with external situations that you once found too daunting to manage. The Sun activates your ninth house from 22 July. Like a true Sagittarian, you have your eye on the horizon. Your thirst for knowledge extends beyond the random Googling of facts. Outshine radio 2GB disciples in your quest for wisdom by venturing beyond the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad.
Sagittarius with Lead Singer Disease: Jim Morrison (The Doors)

The Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune trine uplifts your spirits like a few cold cases of Monteith’s Summer Ale. You take on the world with a new perspective before crashing and snoring. Boldly approach that Neanderthal you fancy under the Mars transit on 13 July. Sometimes you just gotta grab ‘em by the pubes and drag ‘em back to your cave. This cycle sets you up romantically for the next two years. Holiday flings are likely under the Venus transit from 22 July.
Capricorn with Lead Singer Disease: Paul Stanley (KISS)

July is the month of turning points, thanks to the Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn trine. Saturn helps restructure your working life. Finally, peeps appreciate that you are Very Busy and Important. Take the time to plan professional goals. Consider where you would like to be in seven years, and take the first steps now. The Full Moon in your sign on 23 July reminds you to focus on your significant other, because ‘you’re not a camel’ … or is that ‘you can’t live on bread alone’? Whatever.
Aquarius with Lead Singer Disease: Axl Rose (Guns n Roses)

The grand trine will affect how you go about your bees wax between 13 and 24 July. This is a powerful period of growth and evolution. Focus on your heart’s desire. Mars joins Jupiter on 13 July for intense creativity. Self-expression grows as you don a raspberry beret and grow a Chinstrap. The secret to success is to keep moving and not be side-tracked by Facebook notifications. You will feel the love from 22 July when Venus transits your seventh house. Shape up romantically by shedding that frumpy onesie and squeezing into a sexy satin Babydoll.
Pisces with Lead Singer Disease: Pete Doherty (The Libertines, Babyshambles)