Friday, November 1, 2013

Astro Shite for November 2013

Expect unrestrained financial issues to stabilise around 18 November. Your outer life will improve as a result, so you’ll lose that just-got-out-of-bed-look without enduring a Channel Nine reality makeover. An opportunity to progress in your career comes courtesy of a Venus-Pluto power coupling in Capricorn. Chasing The Money is the blood sport of choice for many Rams this month. It beats Candy Crush, I guess.

Aries essential viewing: Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The Full Moon in your sign on 17 November supports your inner transformation; a necessary process for the earthy Bull. Focus on the balance between body and spirit in order to gain understanding of how the two work together. Venus and Pluto entangle in a love tryst to rival Harold and Maude between 15 and 17 November. Expect to arouse penetrating feelings in others with embarrassing but sexy maneuvers. What a player! You’ll be crowing about your pulling power from 9 November under the Mercury direct motion. The last two months of 2013 are ideal times to go away, so go away.

Taurus essential viewing: Who’s Killing the Great Chefs of Europe (1978) 

The Sun adds glamour and drama to your personal relationships from 22 November. You’ll be open to compromises without sacrificing your stylish persona. Expect to receive serious romantic attention under this transit, so make the most of the seasonal social calendar and cast your courting net. Sort out the details of your daily existence when Mercury moves forward from 9 November. Like a textbook Gemini, creating ‘to-do’ lists will be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list.

Gemini essential viewing: The Usual Suspects (1995)

Jupiter, the planet currently occupying your constellation, retrogrades from 6 November. Activities that have flourished since June will pause until March 2014. Take time to review how certain areas of your life have developed and plan where you want to go from here. Venus enters your love zone on 6 November. Be prepared for a new phase of romance by threading your nasal hairs. A powerful eclipse hits your creativity zone on 3 November, marking a period of inspiration, illumination, revelation, stimulation, radiation …

Cancer essential viewing: Five Easy Pieces (1970)

The Sun-Saturn link between 6 and 8 November represents a reality check that helps you focus on practical issues. Be firm about Limits; will these diet biscuits really melt away the fat from your thighs? Those closest to you may need to rely on your strength, so bulk up with protein shakes and steroids. You’ll be in a playful mood when Venus enters your creativity sector on 5 November. Empower those younger and more gullible than yourself through the force of DIY, especially around 22 November, when your creative expression soars like the furious re-zoning of the inner city.

Leo essential viewing: King of Comedy (1983)

Take charge of those irritating housemates from 22 November under the influence of the bold, gold Sun. You’ll roar like a lion at the sight of a smeared toilet bowl, and decide to make your mark on domestic life with a stock whip. The demands of household despotism take its toll between 15 and 17 November, when you decide to chillax with a Porch Crawler or two, and experience the world through not-so-serious eyes.
Virgo essential viewing: The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956)

The extended Venus cycle, which begins on 6 November, has you delving into your past like a scene from It’s A Wonderful Life without the exasperating angel-half-person living in your head. You get a better understanding of how your upbringing has shaped you into the self-interested Wannabe you are today. Contender, be proud. Any possibility of a pay rise diminishes under the Jupiter retrograde motion of 6 November. You’ll have to go without your regular intake of Chateau La Mondotte Saint-Emilion and Barclay Prime until the cycle goes direct in March 2014. Life is hard.

Libra essential viewing: Prêt-a-Porter (1994)

You get to the heart of a certain matter when Mercury moves forward in your sign from 9 November. Expect metaphorical light bulbs to illuminate under the Solar Eclipse of 3 November. Finally, you’re capable of original thinking. A sudden release of material from the unconscious proves to be fine fodder for your next zine project. The North Node-New Moon link represents a turning point between your past and future. Focus on what moves you forward, that is, that rusted lemon you call a car.

Scorpio essential viewing: Cruising (1980)

Venus begins an extended visit to your financial sector on 6 November, a cycle that will continue in 2014. The influence of sensible Capricorn means taking calculated risks with money - foreign behaviour for spendthrift Sagittarius. From 9 November, you communicate with others through the use of acronyms and emoticons :-). Ideas need to be presented visually or emotionally under the current Mercury transit in order for you to understand WTF is going on around you :- P.

Sagittarius essential viewing: The Man Who Would Be King (1975)

Venus enters your sign on 6 November. You’ll reflect back on the period 2005 to early 2006 for any unfinished business that still bothers you. Reconnect with unfulfilled dreams from that time and re-commit to them as part of a new eight-year cycle. Between 22 November and 25 December, the Sun and Mercury combine to accentuate your spiritual side. Do everyone a favour and be silent for a change.

Capricorn essential viewing: Wall Street (1987)

A potent eclipse on 3 November brings new ideas via New Idea to your zine-making ventures. This is a powerful time of beginnings in relation to your true calling. The Universe throws you a second chance at missed opportunities after 9 November, so be prepared to jump on the short bus when it comes your way. Venus leaves your social sector on 6 November, which is a bummer considering the number of party invitations groaning on Facebook this time of year.
Aquarius essential viewing: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Your gypsy spirit will rise to the surface from 3 November, compelling you to grow facial hair and don silver-hooped earrings. Travel plans are best organised after 9 November when Mercury goes direct, and you develop the capacity for reading maps without downloading an app. Amazing! A new social cycle begins on 6 November, thanks to gregarious Venus. Avoid freeloaders disguised as friends. ‘Boundaries’ may not be a Piscean theme, but make them one.
Pisces essential viewing: Jesus of Montréal (1989) 

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