Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11: A Date with Destiny?

A lot of malarkey has been generated about the dates 1/1/11, 11/1/11, 1/11/11, and 11/11/11 that, on writing, I can’t recall one embellished story. I’m sure they will come to me when I’m hoovering my flat or washing the dishes. I can only share my own research and experience of these cosmic numeric patterns that supposedly promise luck and wealth, trigger monsoons and tsunamis, prompt the end of the world, drop the hoe of your dreams into your bed, etcetera, etcetera …
I write about the 11/11/11 experience from an astrological viewpoint, of course, with smatterings of numerology thrown in. I’m not a numerologist, not by any stretch, but what I do know of that arcane science goes a fair way to explaining why today’s date is significant to those on the esoteric path.
The number 11 in numerology inherits a high level of spirituality, offering humankind the potential to develop their metaphysical faculties. The 11 brings an awareness of mystical forces which express themselves through clairvoyance, intuition, spiritual healing, and meditation. Material life becomes meaningless, but we have to learn to balance this with the ideal. Spiritual values are of little merit unless they can be transmitted into practical application. The challenge for us mortals could well be to practice leading a sacred life regardless of how interlocked we imagine ourselves to be in materialism.
The Full Moon in Taurus coincides with this date. The purpose of a Full Moon is to highlight issues that need addressing. There is a build-up of energy, accumulated since the New Moon approximately three weeks prior. By the Full Moon phase, this energy is ready to be released to spirit. With Taurus in the picture, luxury and decadent pleasures become the focus, especially after an extreme couple of weeks of sex, power, and money issues via the Sun in Scorpio. With the initiating number one appearing as an 11/11/11 pattern, stopping to smell the roses takes on a life-or-death urgency, so rush to relax, folks.
On a higher level, today is an excellent time to initiate change through meditation. Beginning new projects or starting again with ventures that have failed previously have opportunities to succeed. The number 11 symbolises the divine force that protects and nudges us in the right direction, but only if we relinquish control and keep an open mind.
However, I do advise that you read the mystic warning label stuck to the bottom of the metaphorical tin: careful what you wish for … you may actually get it.

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