Sunday, April 21, 2013

Astrobabble Cover Art, Issue #9

The fabulous Cate Riley returns to Zine Land to create the cover for issue #9 of Astrobabble. Cate's talent blows me away. She nails art work by superseding all my ideas and expectations of what cover art should look like. Obviously I haven't a clue; I'm glad that I have someone on board who does. Cate's work can be found on fadstudios' website at

Issue #9 covers the glamorous sign Leo and its ruling planet, the Sun. The magnetism with which the Lion lures others is highlighted in a feature article regarding fame-obsessed Leo, Andy Warhol. I also investigate the Sun as an astrological symbol and its role in popular 'star sign' astrology that most of us know through horoscope columns in magazines and newspapers (and Astro Shite).

I struggled to get this issue together. Amidst the stress and chaos of selling a home, buying another, and having to move a couple of times across three suburbs, I lost vast amounts of time and energy, pushing this labour of love that is zine making into the background (and to the bottom of a storage box) where it left my consciousness for a few months.

Copies of issue #9 will arrive at The Sticky Institute in Melbourne over the next week, but I won't be launching Astrobabble in Sydney until the MCA Zine Fair at the end of May. Not that anyone is holding their breath. Just as well; I need the time and space to recover from the anguish of having to repay a bank loan for the next one-hundred-and-twenty-five years. Not very DIY, is it? 

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